Canon EOS R3: “The Toughest Mirrorless Camera To Date”

Canon EOS R3: “The Toughest Mirrorless Camera To Date”

In spite of the top secrecy, Gordon Laing has managed to get his hands (almost) on the highly anticipated Canon EOS R3. This is the first time we get live pictures of it, and it looks gorgeous. Check it out below.

Luckily, Gordon Laing published a YouTube video, showing the camera live for the first time. Due to heavy restrictions by Canon, Gordon was not allowed to touch it, nor exposing the sensor. But visually, this video demonstrates the camera as is, and in my opinion, it looks like a piece of weapon. Indeed, as Gordon states: “The EOS R3 is the toughest mirrorless camera to date”. Check out his video below:

6K FF sensor with a 4K crop mode?

Furthermore, let’s read what DP Phil Holland wrote about the Canon EOS R3 which are quite interesting assumptions: These are Phil’s thoughts: “The camera down samples to 4K video, yet also shoots RAW internally, which likely means full sensor readout whatever that might be. Speculation runs wild on sensor size and resolution, if I had to guess it’s a 6K full-frame sensor with a 4K crop mode. I don’t think this will be APSH, but the crop mode might be. Could it be a higher resolution sensor? Yes. What is interesting is it’s a BSI sensor and will be very good in low light, possibly extremely good. Canon already has tremendous AF on the 1DX III, but I’m guessing they are stepping things up another notch to lure some over to ditch those mirrored bodies, AF select alone slides to that. The body itself is a very nice design, looks comfy to use for a full day’s work, and I’m betting there’s a lot of good to be found in that EVF. The real questions are the hard specs, but this camera is targeted towards certain professionals in my mind and will likely sneak its way into motion work for some people as well. I’ll leave with a subtle hint as to where I think some of this goes. Real continuous shooting, likely no buffer at all with the right CFX media. This body style excited me a bit as to what a new 1 series body might be as well. Hard to know”.


Downsampling 4K videos from 6K can result in a better 4K quality. Adding Canon’s first in-house full-frame, back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor to the equation, outcomes a very interesting camera by Canon. Of course, a lot of questions remain regarding crucial factors like dynamic range, FPS capabilities, and of course, pricing. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted for more info about the R3.

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