CCTV Installation


We also do customized CCTV installation to suit our client's requirements and specifications. After the site survey, we advice our clients on the best surveillance solution.

WebNet Masters is your excellent partner in professional CCTV Security Solutions

Residential CCTV Solution

Secure your home and your valuables with our state of the art residential CCTV solutions


Commercial CCTV Solutions

Keep an eye on your store or office with our commercial CCTV solutions

We pride ourselves in the service that we offer. We like to ensure that the security systems that we set up for our clients are of the highest quality and they provide the best service possible.

  • High quality CCTV systems
  • High quality of service

We have a wide range of CCTV systems which include the following.

  • IP Cameras
  • HDTVI technology

Surveillance Products

  • HIK Vision CCTV
  • Dahua CCTV


We offer

  • Bullet or Vandal Dome cameras to fit your home or business
  • Night vision
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Variable recording storage time based on your needs
  • Remote viewing via an application on your smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • TV mount installation


Site Survey

Our expert team visits your site to get a lay of the land and to analyze how the security system would be best deployed at your work place. They identify the blind spots as well as the amount of resources they need as well as a time frame within which your surveillance system will be up and running.

Surveillance system Installation

A team of technicians is dispatched from our offices in Mombasa to install the CCTV security system according to the survey that had been carried out. A mapped out representation of the survey is used as a reference point to ensure that all the blind spots are covered.


A maintenance schedule is created. This is done within certain predefined intervals to ensure that the security system operates at the maximum capacity. This also includes playback options where incase of incident a technician is dispatched to perform playback for the requesting authorities.


Benefits of having a security camera system in your home or business

  • By installing a security camera system in your home or business, you reduce the chances of being a target
  • Peace of mind in your home and workplace
  • Creates a safer environment for your family and staff
  • Keep an eye on your world and what matters the most to you, anytime, anywhere from the click of a button.
  • Monitor your staff and making sure they are being held accountable
  • Avoid frivolous lawsuits
  • Video surveillance are the best evidence for court cases
  • Saves money on home owners insurance