SSL and HTTPS – Why you need SSL

SSL and HTTPS - Why you need SSL


What is SSL and HTTPS?

SSL creates a secure connection between two machines or devices over the Web or an internal network, safeguarding and allowing sensitive data to be privately transmitted.

An SSL certificate is issued after verifying the authenticity of a website and identity of its owner, as indicated by the ‘S’ in https.

Many payment gateways require it. We strongly recommend it. And customers visiting your WooCommerce store see it as a sign of trustworthiness and expect to see the padlock in the address bar when browsing, buying, and entering their account and payment details.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol used on the Web for:

  • Encrypting website data sent from the browser to the server, and vice versa, so it’s protected
  • Authenticating your website so visitors know your identity has been verified
HTTPS is/means HTTP with SSL.
Just as “http://” means “this is a website,” seeing “https://” means “this is a website, and it’s using SSL to encrypt data and authenticate the website.”

Why you need SSL

  • You are accepting/transmitting sensitive information, such as addresses and credit card numbers, and need to keep them safe.
  • You want to secure logins and signups on your site.
  • You need to comply with privacy and security requirements.
  • You want users to trust your website.
  • You want customers to buy from your eCommerce store.

Websites with SSL are also said to rank higher with search engines and load faster.

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